Americans have the " keep and bear arms", as guaranteed in the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. However, this right carries tremendous legal, ethical and social responsibilities including the obligation to carry and use the handgun only in accordance with all applicable laws and in strict compliance with all generally recognized and accepted safety norms. You will absolutely be held responsible for every bullet that is fired from your firearm, and if someone is unjustifiably hurt you will in all likelihood face criminal charges and civil lawsuits, no matter what your good intentions were. Most emphatically, having a concealed firearm permit holds a person to a higher standard of conduct than an unarmed citizen.


Therefore, it is imperative that a concealed firearm permit holder completely understands every aspect of the self-defense and firearm carry laws of not only the state in which they reside but also every state in which they intent to carry. And since shooting skills deteriorate very rapidly, it is also imperative for a permit holder to practice real-world shooting scenarios as often as possible to maintain their ability to use their firearms competently and safely.


Our concealed carry services meet or exceed the training requirements set by Utah, Florida and several other states (e.g. Oregon) that a private citizen must meet in order to apply for one of their concealed firearms permits. This is particularly important to people who travel around the country since a permit from one of these states is currently honored in more 30+ other states. Our classroom and range training is conducted by experts, with backgrounds in law enforcement, military, and/or public firearms training programs. When you work with FirstLine Defense, you will gain not only a thorough knowledge of the essential laws and practical know-how needed to carry a concealed firearm, but also an appreciation for the tremendous responsibilities that come with a right to bear arms. And we always provide a safe, friendly, and comfortable learning atmosphere.


For a closer look at the material covered in one of our concealed firearm classes see the table of contents from our Utah Syllabus.







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