Whether you have never held a firearm before, or already have a basic level of capability, our firearm proficiency services will help you gain competence and confidence with your firearms.  You will learn to shoot quickly, accurately and consistently in demanding situations. You will acquire the ability to react calmly, rationally and deliberately when emotions run high. In short, when you work with FirstLine Defense, you will gain the tools needed to asses a situation correctly, aim only where you should, fire only when it’s right, and hit exactly what you must.


Our approach is based on a simple premise -- regardless of whether you shoot for casual fun, competition, hunting or defense, shooting well is easy to learn, it just isn’t easy to do*. Simply stated, shooting well not only takes a knowledge of the right things to do, but also an ability to do those things right. And unfortunately there are no shortcuts or gimmicks to gaining this essential knowledge and ability. The bottom line is that shooting well can only be achieved when several elements come together. Essentially, a person must have the right attitude, receive quality instruction, reinforce the instruction with appropriate training, and then regularly practice to hone and maintain their acquired skills. These are the fundamental elements of our proficiency services – Attitude – Instruction – Training – Practice.


ATTITUDE: At FirstLine Defense, we believe that the right attitude is always ultimately an individual’s responsibility. However, we also believe that each of our students deserves every opportunity to succeed. Therefore, we strive to help our students maintain an open, focused and motivated frame of mind through high quality instruction / training that takes place in a safe, friendly and comfortable atmosphere. For example, we strongly favor small class sizes to achieve a low student-to-teacher ratio, which allows for increased personalized / individualized attention. We also offer women’s-only classes, which creates an environment proven to be very conducive to some learning experiences. It is our goal to make every aspect of a FirstLine Defense experience satisfying as well as rewarding.


INSTRUCTION: We guarantee that the instruction you receive at FirstLine Defense is always relevant, comprehensive, high quality and timely. We cover material to the depth and breadth necessary for the student to gain a solid knowledge of a subject. We teach a meaningful balance between the time-proven and cutting-edge emerging from the real world. Our instruction always emphasizes the fundamental principles and best practices at the core of a subject, whether it is gun safety, operation, maintenance, handling, storage, etiquette, mechanics, marksmanship, mindset, or tactics.


TRAINING: The knowledge you gain through instruction will not, in and of itself, lead to an ability to shoot well – it must be sufficiently reinforced with the appropriate type and level of training relevant to your course of study. We therefore augment your instruction with repetitive drills and live-fire exercises constructed in meaningful real-world scenarios where you directly apply what you learned in the classroom, essentially melding the theoretical with the practical. In short, our training is where the rubber meets the road. And our training always takes place under the safest conditions, at well-regulated ranges or in other strictly controlled environments.


PRACTICE: Attitude, instruction and training may provide you with the basics, but regular practice is essential for honing and maintaining your newly acquired skills. The importance of regular practice simply can not be emphasized enough. To this end, FirstLine Defense provides our former students with periodic live-fire practice sessions conducted by our instructors. In addition, we stand so firmly behind our proficiency services that we provide life-time remedial assistance to former students who revisit or encounter new difficulties with their shooting, such as lapsing back into a bad habit or experiencing a new physical impairment.


In order to accommodate a wide range of requests, we offer two types of proficiency services – structured and personalized. Our structured services are based on national/international standards, delivered through traditional classroom instruction and range training, and provide formal recognition for the instruction and training you receive. In contrast, our personalized services are individually tailored to your specific needs and delivered in a one-on-one or very limited group setting.


To see our current catalog of structured firearms proficiency services, please click here.


For further information on our personalized proficiency services, please contact us at or call at (916) 799-1909 so that we may discuss your individual needs in detail.


*Generously and liberally paraphrasing Ray Chapman, the first world combat pistol champion






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