Unlike many other firearm services companies, FirstLine Defense does not provide its services to the military, law enforcement, private security or other armed professional forces that face life-and-death situations on a routine basis. There are many outstanding organizations nation-wide that provide first-rate services to these professional forces.


Instead, our focus is on personal services to the average citizen – the person with little or no formal training in the safe and proper operations of firearms. Our clients are everyday working people whose typical day is filled with their jobs and rush-hour traffic and grocery shopping and meals, whose evenings are spent coaching their child’s soccer team and attending parent/teacher meetings and helping with homework, who marathon through weekends mowing lawns and servicing cars and maybe BBQing if time and tasks allow. And especially the person who has already been there and done all of this and now pursues the things in life that bring meaning and joy to their retirement years such as RVing across America or just perfecting the art of doing very little, very slowly.






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