FirstLine Defense offers a full suite of consulting, training and acquisition services that help you address threats to your physical safety. These services are appropriate whether you want to target an existing threat that must be addressed immediately, or simply want to be proactive to potential threats. In short, we partner with you to craft customized security solutions that are individually tailored to best meet your particular needs. When you work with FirstLine Defense, you will gain the knowledge, skills and expertise needed to competently and confidently protect yourself, your family and those you are responsible for, both inside and outside the home.


Our personal protection services are an excellent fit for people who:


§  Are ready to explore ways to increase their personal, home or work-place physical safety


§  Have considered, or are open to considering, the use of defensive tools such as pepper spray or stungun or taser or a firearm for self-defense


§  Have little or no hands-on experience with defensive tools, and even less formal training in protection fundamentals


Our personal protection services include:


§  Risk Analysis – We work with you to analyze your safety risks by assessing your activities and surroundings to identify those things that render you most vulnerable to physical attack and injury, both in and out of the home.


§  Planning – We work with you to develop a reasonable and responsive personal protection plan that is built on solid, proven defensive techniques, tactics and strategies to reduce the vulnerabilities identified in your risk analysis.


§  Acquisition – We assist you in acquiring the defensive tools you will need to implement and enforce your personal protection plan. These tools may include defensive items such as hand-held sirens, pepper sprays, stunguns, tasers and firearms. We view our acquisition service as strictly a benefit to our clients and not as a profit center, so the defensive tools you acquire through FirstLine Defense will always be at our costs – never a price mark-up.


§  Instruction – We instruct you in three essential areas. First, the techniques, tactics and strategies presented in your personal protection plan. Second, the safe and proper operation, maintenance, handling and storage of the defensive tools you acquire. And third, the etiquette, mechanics and mindset of marksmanship. Depending on the material being taught, as well as other considerations such as client preferences, the instruction may take place in your home, in a classroom and/or on the firing range.


§  Training – We thoroughly train you in ways that reinforce your instruction and hone your skills. We use repetitive drills and live-fire practices that have been constructed in meaningful real-world scenarios. You will learn to shoot quickly, accurately and consistently in demanding situations. You will learn to respond calmly, rationally and decisively in emotionally charged, life-threatening conditions. Depending on the training activity, as well as other consideration such as client preferences, the training may take place in your home, in a classroom and/or on the firing range.


Our personal protection services are flexibly structured -- available in whatever manner makes the most sense for you and your particular needs. For example, our services may be obtained:


§  Separately, in stand-alone fashion (e.g. risk analysis only)


§  Bundled into an individualized package (e.g. acquisition, instruction and training)


§  Selected as an all-inclusive package (e.g. start to finish analysis, planning, acquisition, instruction and training)


In addition, our services may be delivered in several different ways:


§  Individually, on a personal and very confidential one-to-one basis


§  To a small group of family, friends or other acquaintances (e.g. clubs, whose members want to receive services together)






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