Michael Hotz




National Rifle Association:     


Certified Range Safety Officer

Certified Instructor #178780692: 


Pistol, Basic



Pistol, First Steps



Home Firearm Safety



Personal Protection In The Home



Refuse To Be A Victim



California Department of Justice:


Certified Instructor #107942 – Handgun Safety Certificate


State of Utah:


Certified Instructor #1102391 – Concealed Firearm Permit


International Defensive Pistol Association:


Certified Safety Officer


Concealed Firearm Permits / Licenses:


State of Utah Permit

State of Florida License

State of Nevada Permit (Issued by Washoe County)

State of California Permit (Issued By Sacramento County)




National Rifle Association (NRA) – Member & Certified Instructor

International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) – Member-Classified Competitor

Sacramento Defensive Pistol Shooters (SDPS) – Member-Classified Competitor

Steel Challenge Shooting Association – Member

North American Bodyguard Association - Member

Folsom Shooting Club (FSC) – Member

California Rifle & Pistol Association (CRPA) – Member

United Revolvers Club Of Sacramento (URCS) – Member

Gun Owners Of America – Member

Extraho Trucido Association - Member

United States Practical Shooting Association – Member

Armed Citizen Legal Defense Network - Member

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute – Life Member


Business Permits / Licenses:


City Of Sacramento – Business Operations Tax Certificate #1005671

City Of Sacramento – Home Occupancy Permit #10-1167

Sacramento County – Fictitious Business Name #1008190

California State Board Of Equalization – Seller’s Permit #101-65309






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