FirstLine Defense provides full spectrum services dedicated to enhancing proficiency with firearms, addressing personal protection needs, transporting valuable objects, and acquiring multi-state concealed firearms permits.




Our Firearm Proficiency Services help you gain competence and confidence with your firearms. These services are appropriate whether you have never held a firearm before, or already have some level of basic capabilities.


We offer two types of proficiency services – structured and personalized. Our structured services are based on national/international standards, delivered through traditional classroom instruction and range training, and provide formal recognition for the instruction and training you receive. Examples of this type of service are our NRA “Firearms Safety” and “Basic Pistol” courses. In contrast, our personalized services are individually tailored to your specific needs and delivered in a one-on-one or very limited group setting.


Regardless of the type of proficiency service you choose, if you also need assistance in acquiring a firearm for defense, recreation, competition or hunting, then as part of the service we will guide you through the process of selecting and purchasing a firearm that best fits your physique, your capabilities, and your needs.


When you work with FirstLine Defense, you will gain the knowledge, skills and expertise needed to master your firearms and become a capable shooter.




Our Personal Protection Services help you address threats to your physical safety. These services are appropriate whether you need to target an existing threat that must be addressed immediately, or simply want to be proactive to potential threats.


We offer full spectrum standardized as well as individually-tailored security solutions that range from personalized security plans to all encompassing close protection. Our personalized security plans are based on solid risk analysis, plan development, equipment acquisition, training and plan implementation. Our close protection services are very discrete, yet highly efficiently and effectively in protecting our clients from a multitude of dangers.


When you work with FirstLine Defense, you will gain the means to protect yourself, your family and those you are responsible for.




Our Transport Services extend aspects of our Personal Protection Services to the task of securely conveying any personal or business object from a starting location to a final destination. Essentially, we delivery anything, anytime, anywhere – with utmost discretion.


When you work with FirstLine Defense, you can rest assured that your invaluable items will be delivered safely, on-time, and in accordance with all of your transport requirements.




Our Firearm Acquisition Services will help you acquire a firearm for defense, recreation, competition or hunting. We guide you step-by-step through the process by first understanding your needs, your physical capabilities, and your level of expertise. We then take you through the next steps of selecting the most appropriate firearm for you, purchasing the firearm at a good price from a reputable shop, and becoming familiar with the operation, use and maintenance of your new firearm.




Our Concealed Carry Permit Services meet or exceed the training requirements set by Utah, Florida and many other states that a private citizen must meet in order to apply for one of their concealed carry permits. This is particularly important to people who travel around the country since a permit from one of these qualifying states is currently honored in more than 30 other states.


When you work with FirstLine Defense, you will gain not only a thorough knowledge of the essential laws and practical know-how needed to carry a concealed firearm, but also an appreciation for the tremendous responsibilities that come with a right to bear arms.







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